5 minutes with... EMILY - Our Beginners Vinyasa & Meditation Teacher

This week we spend a bit of time with Emily, our Beginners Vinyasa & Meditation Teacher. You can catch Emily every Wednesday at The Yoga Factory for her class at 6:15pm. A mixture of vinyasa flow, pranayama, relaxation & meditation. Read on to get to know Emily a bit better...

1. What led you to become a yoga teacher?

I wanted to a lead a more fulfilled life - helping people feel better inwards and outwards. My teacher at the time inspired me to take the leap from a busy & hectic lifestyle in London to becoming a yoga teacher. The best decision I've ever made. I absolutely love what I do!

2. What's your favourite yoga pose right now?

Crane pose - I love an arm balance - the balance of strength and focus, lifting off the ground with control and feeling connected through my hands to my mat.

3. What's your least favourite yoga pose right now?

Handstand! I'm totally scared of kicking up into a handstand - I have a fear that I will fall onto someone else in a class or fall and break something in my living room!

4. How has your yoga practice made you stronger on & off the mat?

Physically and mentally I feel stronger for everyday situations. I'm able to think clearer and am much more mindful of my reactions.

5. What or who inspires you?

My mum inspires me - she works so hard, and always inspired me to go for what I want no matter what and not to be afraid of putting in the hours to achieve my dream.

6. Do you have a favourite quote?

Just Breathe! So simple but something many people forget can bring them from a stressful situation to a calm one.

7. What are your 3 rules to live by? 

Be kind to each other and animals


Be active daily - feel alive!

8. What's your go-to self-care routine?

A massage / facial, healthy and fresh food, a walk or run along the seafront, lots of water and 10-15 mins of meditation.

9. What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Accept where you are today, don't worry about the past or the future.

10. Describe yourself in 3 words...

Ambitious, Smiley & Easy-going

11. Are there any good reads that have helped in you life or in your practice?

The Bhagavad Gita

Conquest of the Mind

And I'm currently reading The Big Leap, which is a very interesting take on noticing how we hold ourselves back and create negative situations when really we could do with a bit more encouragement to think more positively and be mindful of our reactions.

12. What do you like to in your spare time?

Being outside on the beach or in the woods - glamping! Cooking healthy food. Being creative. Travelling around the world.

13. What's your favourite thing about being a yoga teacher?

Everyday I am very fortunate to meet so many interesting people and the opportunity to help in some way. I love enabling people explore what yoga means for them whether it's physical or psychological. And empowering people to start to understand and accept their own body and mind.

14. Whats your style of teaching?

My classes are creative and fun, I don't take things to seriously. After all the best way to relax and improve the mood and immune system is to smile & laugh.

I work with many different people of all backgrounds, abilities and physicality's including people with disabilities. This understanding helps me work mindfully with individuals even in a group class.

My teaching style is inspired by many forms of yoga including gentle Hatha and Yin, dynamic Vinyasa and Ashtanga and I respond to the energy and people in the class meaning that each class is different. I emphasise the importance of breathing and start all classes with various pranayama practices and end with relaxation and meditation. This allows students to experience a whole practice of body, mind and soul.

You can join Emily at The Yoga Factory every Wednesday evening at 6:15pm... Click Here to check out the timetable and book Emily's class!

Peace... Love... & Namaste!






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