What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is an ancient practice of yoga performed to open the heart and devote your thoughts towards the divine or supreme consciousness, typically chanted in the ancient language - Sanskrit. It is a practice that brings great joy and elevates the mood quickly. It’s important to know kirtan doesn’t have to be religious, you can relate to the practice in your own way, maybe thinking of it as a sing along or hymn.

The singing or chanting of Kirtan is not about how the voice sounds but more importantly it's about the merging of voices as one, gently bringing a state of meditation.

This is a practice for everyone whether you practice asana (yoga postures) or not. Come to express yourself through kirtan or simply enjoy the vibrations and sounds of the ancient chants.

Krishna Das, an influential teacher and practitioner in the world of Kirtan explains in a little more detail below about what kirtan is all about and why we should practice it...