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Yoga For Stressful Times with Daniel Groom

Why do so many of us feel so stressed and tired? Many of us running on empty? 

Long terms affects of stress can have a significant impact on our mental, physical and emotional Wellbeing. 

Stress affects us all, some more than others. Whilst short bursts of stress can be necessary to be creative, stimulate and activate us, feeling stressed over long periods of time simply depletes us. 

When suffering with stress we can feel a huge tiredness in our bodies, however over activity in our minds can make the rest that we crave hard to access. 

This workshop will explore what happens when we get stressed and yoga practices that we can develop into our daily routine to restore a sense of calm and access deep rest. The session will incorporate gentle breathing techniques, "pawanmuktasana" joint-releasing sequence which will ease tension from the whole body, allowing energy to flow freely through the body again. As well as some gentle and easy to access postures. Once the body has found some ease we will settle into Yoga Nidra a led relaxation to soak up the opportunity of deep restoration. 

Open to all. No experience of yoga necessary. 

Free relaxation recording following workshop