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4 Week Beginners Course

Get back to basics with our 4 Week Beginners Course


Our next Beginners Course with Lauren will begin on Sunday 14th May and run for 4 consecutive weeks. In this four-week beginner’s course, you’ll learn the basics of hatha yoga in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment.

You will: 
•Learn a new skill that will keep you healthy, fit and calmer for life
•Feel motivated and encouraged as you learn, no matter your existing ability or level of fitness
•Get to know fellow yogis in a supportive learning environment
•Understand basic alignment principles and develop greater body awareness
•Build increased strength and flexibility - and surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve!

Each week, we will work on a different group of asanas (postures), covering both standing and seated asanas. You will also learn essential breathing techniques that will help to strengthen your practice and build a greater sense of ease and relaxation on the mat. By the end of the course, you will have developed a safe, healthy yoga practice that will enable you to confidently take part in open classes and practice at home.

This course is ideal for you if:

1) You are a complete beginner and want to learn the basics of yoga in a thorough, structured way
2) You have some experience from group classes or home learning, but want to dig deeper and gain a strong foundational knowledge
3) You've been off the mat for some time and would like a refresher or to go back to basics

To book onto the course click here

Or... call us on 01702 597115, email us at or click the link in our timetable

Peace... Love... & Namaste!

Earlier Event: 7 April
Later Event: 20 May
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