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Power Up - Next steps to develop your practice with Lauren

Move your practice forward – build strength and learn new postures! 

So you’ve been practicing yoga for a little while now. You know your Warrior 1 from your Downward Facing Dog and understand the basics. You’ve been showing up to class for a while, and you’re wondering now how to move your practice forward… 

Perhaps you’ve seen some of the more intermediate postures in class or online, and feel unsure about where, when and how to start working into these postures? 

The answer lies in this workshop! We will be looking at some of the ways we can begin to advance our physical yoga practice by building a deeper body awareness and connection to the earth. 

During this workshop, you will: 

• Look at ‘powering up’ your Sun Salutations and using this basic series of postures to build greater arm and core strength

• Understand and begin to apply the elusive ‘bandhas’ 

• Deepen your connection to the earth so that you can utilise your body’s true strength

• Learn how to really use your breath to move through the practice and cultivate a greater sense of ease in your physical practice

• Begin to explore the concepts of arm balancing and inversions – without fear, judgement or pressure

£25  To book your place CLICK HERE