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'The Art Of Assisting' with Jo Kemp - FULLY BOOKED

For student teachers, teachers or students looking to develop their knowledge and practice of asana.

Why do teachers assist? What is the purpose?
Assisting students is not about correction or perfection. It is a loving act that brings students safely into postures and ultimately deepens their practice.

Explore a variety of hands on assisting techniques and discover new ways to facilitate healthy alignment.
• Work with partners to explore a variety of assists and modifications for common miss alignments
• Explore how the power of touch can transform your teaching
• Learn more about your own body and practice while giving and receiving adjustments
• Develop your awareness to skilfully enter the sacred space of your students
• Gain a deeper understand of how postures work, how to create space and strength in the body and release the healing flow of Prana.

£30. To book CLICK HERE