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Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath


Do you find it difficult to get a minute to yourself?

Is your mind in a constant whirlwind of to-do lists, worry and anxiety?

Would you love an hour to yourself where you can totally relax, unwind and clear your head?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Evolutionary Sound is just for you!

Evolutionary Sound are hosting an Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath at The Yoga Factory where you can experience the calming frequencies of the crystal bowls.The tones and frequencies of the bowls will bring you into a state of deep relaxation allowing your body to rest, relax and revitalise. Something that has become a rarity for many people in the chaotic world we live in. Our sound baths will last 60-90 minutes. All you have to do is lie down, get comfortable and allow the sounds of the crystal bowls to take you on a journey of rest and relaxation.

What Is Sound Healing?

Everything that moves, vibrates and makes a sound. What this means is that each of us have our own unique frequency and sound. When we feel anxious, tired, stressed out or that our minds never stop, it means that our frequency is not in harmony. When this happens, we feel out of balance, we experience dis-ease and life can become very frustrating. Sound, whether we realise it or not, affects us all on an extremely deep level. It can penetrate every cell of your being right into your organs, bones, glands and muscles.

Did you know that quartz crystal is able to transform, store, focus, amplify and transfer energy?

Did you also know that for this reason quartz is used in computers, watches and television equipment and even your mobile phone? Their ability to take in information, transform, restore and amplify this energy is why the Alchemy Crystal Bowls that we use are SO incredibly powerful and effective in penetrating YOU on a cellular level. They are 99.99% pure quartz crystal blended with other rare crystals, minerals, metals and earths. Their unique properties produce a unique sound to each bowl and they each have a powerful ability to affect you in such a way that they restore your cells and every part of your body back to balance. Aligning your unique frequency, bringing you to a place of inner peace and harmony.

£20 To book your space CLICK HERE