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Angel Afternoon with Georgie Deyn

An afternoon of connection, love, healing and guidance, held with

Divine loving presence.

We will connect with the Archangels, angels and your guardian angels, through
meditation, spiritual exercises and working with altered states of awareness. You will
also learn how to balance and harmonise yourself using self-healing techniques from
“Angelic Harmony Therapy”; which is a celestial sound healing modality co-created by
Georgie and her guides. Working with the Angelic realms awakens and strengthens
your spiritual potential, allows you to clear blocks that maybe stopping you from
manifesting you Divine purpose. This afternoon will be a powerful way to feel their
unconditional love, as they help you to cleanse, clear and release blockages, whist
raising your vibration.

Places are limited, so early booking is essential, £15 per person Georgie connects and channels the Divine Loving Presence, the Archangels and Angels. Georgie is the founder of Angelic Harmony Therapy and the Voice of the duo “Seraphisa” For more information about Georgie or AHT, please take a look at her website and watch her videos or to book please do get in touch.

Investment - £15 CLICK HERE to book.