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Restorative Yoga

Friday 23rd March

 7:30pm - 8:30pm


The perfect way to end the week if you are in need of some respite from life's chaos.



Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing and receptive style of practice. It offers a way to de-stress, re-energize and find balance physically and mentally.

Whilst holding yoga postures, you will be supported by props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets to allow the tension to ease away from the body and for the mind to quieten.

The perfect way to end the week if you are in need of some respite from life's chaos.


Investment - £10.00


Prepare for your workshop

Wear comfortable clothing that you find it easy to move in.  We have Mats at the studio so no need to bring one with you unless you prefer to use your own.  Yoga is usually practiced in bare feel but if you prefer to wear socks, the non slip kind are the best to use.  Please arrive at least 10 mins before the workshop to allow time to check in and familiarise yourself with the surroundings and staff.


Whos Sam?

Passionately believing yoga and meditation are for everyone, Sam makes them accessible to all with a dash of humor and a pinch of philosophy.  After a decade of Martial Arts experience, 'Naughty' Sam likes to work hard, appreciating the power and strength of yoga whilst her therapy experience allows 'Nice'Sam to be gentle , appreciating the healing, nurturing aspects of yoga. Her knowledge of hypnotherapy further enhances the mind/ body connection offered by yoga and meditation.


You may cancel a workshop/event/course up to 5 days before class. If you early cancel, you get a full refund.

Cancelling a workshop/event/course within 5 days or failing to attend a booked workshop/event/course is non-refundable. You may pass a booking onto a friend at no extra cost, however we must be notified of the change by email if a friend will attend in your place.