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How to teach: Pregnancy Yoga

July 20th

 3pm - 4pm


The second in the 'How to teach' series for yoga teachers. This time around concentrating on pregnancy yoga



When Jo & Mikey visit their teacher Sharath Jois in Mysore, India once a week he will give a conference. He speaks about a subject, often does demonstrations and then offers a Q&A session. We also like to offer these kind of events in Southend, especially as Mysore style is becoming more and more popular here. 

Jo will be offering a demo of Mysore style practice along with some of her students. 

Jo has been practicing yoga for 14+ years and has a dedicated 6 day week practice with over 6 years of teaching experience. Jo believes that observing others practice and attending talks/workshops on the many subjects of ashtanga yoga is a great tool for additional learning outside the mysore classes and adds deeper layers of understanding. As a beginner it creates a good foundation for growth. 

There will be opportunities for questions and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. 

This is not a performance but merely a different method for students to gain a deeper understanding of the practice.

You will be able to drink tea etc whilst they practice and maybe jot down anything that comes to mind to talk about in the Q&A.

This event is suitable for anyone. Whether you practice Ashtanga already or you're curious about the practice and how our Mysore classes work at the studio this is the perfect opportunity to gain a little insight in a comfortable, relaxed and informal atmosphere.

* * * If booking for more than one person, please call us on 01702 597115 Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. * * 


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Prepare for your workshop

No need to bring any equipment.  Just bring yourself and wear loose/flexible clothing.  Yoga is better practiced in bare feet but if you prefer to wear socks, the non slip kind are ideal.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop starts so that we can show you around and complete a short contact form.


Who's Natalie?

My interest in Yoga developed over the last 14 years while I was traveling the world as a professional dancer to help increase my strength and flexibility. 

Not only did it aid in my recovery but it also had a sense of keeping me calm through the uncertainty of my dancing career. I began to notice small changes in myself... how i viewed situations differently, the feeling I had after my practice and the way it would set me up for the day ahead to make the most of everything.

Since completing my training my love and passion for Yoga keeps on growing, I am lucky enough to be teaching full time and continuing to delve further into Yoga and what it has to offer.

To learn more about Natalie by clicking here



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