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Manage Stress Through Yoga

Feb 23rd

11:30Am - 3:30pm


How do you manage stress? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Anxious? Panicked? Like you

have the weight of the world on your shoulders?




Do you live a go go go lifestyle with lots of high intensity exercise? Maybe you do weight

training? All of which cause stress on your body. Do you take time to allow your mind and body

to rest adequately following stress - good or bad?

Stress comes in many forms and, at its worst, can cause long term illness.

Maybe it is stress from a job, a relationship, general life, family chores, moving house, the death

of someone close to you - all of these things can build up over time and make us less able to

deal with stress.

In this workshop you will learn techniques to manage stress so that it doesn’t overwhelm you or

lead to illness - prevention is better than cure! The techniques taught will involve restorative

yoga poses, breath work (pranayama), stress triggers and how to recognise them, meditation

and deep relaxation through yoga nidra.

Come along for a fun and relaxed session and leave with tools to transform your life. Please do

feel free to record the workshop on your phone or another recording device so that you can re-

visit it at any time you need.

To bring with you:

- Mat and blanket (although mats/blankets will be available if you don’t have them)

- Notepad and pen

- Comfortable and warm clothing


* * * If booking for more than one person, please call us on 01702 597115 Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. * * *


Investment - £35.00 if booked by 1st Jan 2019 - £40.00 Thereafter


Prepare for your workshop

No need to bring any equipment.  Just bring yourself and wear loose/flexible clothing warm clothing. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop starts so that we can show you around and complete a short contact form.


Who's charli?

Charli Louise is a yoga teacher who, through a chronic illness caused by stress, found her

journey and transformed her life with yoga. 


You may cancel a workshop/event/course up to 5 days before class. If you early cancel, you get a full refund.

Cancelling a workshop/event/course within 5 days or failing to attend a booked workshop/event/course is non-refundable. You may pass a booking onto a friend at no extra cost, however we must be notified of the change by email if a friend will attend in your place.