Om Air with

 Josh Lipscombe on Ray Radio

Designed to spread the word of yoga and how it can help us evolve and grow, working towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life.  Josh’s weekly spot on the radio have given us a chance to expose subjects that are not commonly exposed in the media but will inspire us to act upon troubles and hurdles that life throws at us from time to time.


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OM Air ep 5: With Yujmu founder TJ Maher


WOW this episode was cool….This week Josh sits down with Yujmu founder TJ Maher. TJ is an inspiring yogi who is currently travelling the world delivering Yin Teacher Trainings, as well as inspiring students on meditation, Zen Buddhism, Qi-Gong, Kung-fu and many more eastern practices. Josh and TJ spend time chatting about music, yoga, meditation and why they dedicate their life to these practices! Tune in for a wicked conversation that is sure to continue...
Check out TJ’s movements via his site -

Om Air Ep 4: With Paula Osei

Om Namah Sivaya! cool to have the wonderful Paula Osei in the studio at Ray! Paula is a true inspiration to the local community, serving as a councillor and holistic therapist...Paula has a passion for helping men and works alongside them on a regular basis. Paula and Josh talk through men’s mental health and the current struggles that are faced, also touching on how there is light beyond these moments of turbulence! A fundamental episode on Om Air that is sure to aid the local community. Plus you are treated with a selection of tunes from both Paula and Josh.
Samaritans helpline - 116 123


Om Air Ep 3: The 4 paths of Yoga

Ep 3.JPG

This week Josh explores the 4 paths of yoga and takes a close look at how we can bring them into our daily practices! We often perceive yoga as being a physical practice but in fact there is much more to it than just standing on your head and chanting Aum. Check out this weeks episode to find out more...

OM Air Ep 2: With Anna Southgate

This week we welcome our first guest - Anna Southgate. Anna is a local reiki master and angelic reiki healer who also volunteers down at The Yoga Factory southend! Tune in to hear some chat on Chakras, energy, all round good vibes and some little tips on leading a balanced life through observing imbalances throughout the self! Om Namah Sivaya


Om Air ep 1: An introduction


This week Josh introduces the show and kicks starts Om Air! He talks about What yoga is (from Josh’s perspective) , Josh’s journey into yoga and his influences, and what to expect in the coming weeks...expect a variety of world and spiritual music!

Sit back, enjoy and Relax