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September 28th - October 2nd 2018


Join Jeremy for our very first Men's Retreat.  This retreat is designed to de-stress and allow you to indulge in your

yoga practice in a relaxed, peaceful environment in the Costa Blanca Spain.


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Join Jeremy for our very first Men Only Retreat.  This retreat is designed to de-stress and allow you to indulge in your yoga practice in a relaxed, peaceful environment. 

This is a perfect opportunity to recharge and rest the mind and body before the winter season begins. Jeremy will guide you through 2 yoga classes a day aimed at building on your current asana practice or even starting out on your yoga journey. Jeremy specialises in teaching mens yoga and has in depth knowledge of anatomy which is reflected in his teaching style. Jeremy's classes will leave you feeling energised and stretched throughout the body bringing about a sense of deep relaxation.

If your looking to take your yoga practice a little more serious or just want to give it a good go, this is the perfect retreat for you. With Jeremy's fun and playful teaching style you will leave Casa Ananda feeling revitalised and fulfilled in both body and mind. 


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WHos Jeremy

I’m not what some people think of as a Yogi or a person who does yoga. I am a 48 year old dad of two, tall, gangly and I don’t have long hair (ooops actually I grew it) and I’m not vegetarian. But I do love Yoga.

I first had a go at it in the late 1990’s as a way to stretch due to the physical job I had. I enjoyed it, I felt stretched and relaxed and I always seemed to come back to it over the next few years especially while I was coaching football. I’ve always enjoyed sports, from martial arts to team sports, though I particularly love board riding sports including surfing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) and skateboarding but it wasn’t until I discovered dynamic yoga or vinyasa flow yoga that I really found out what a total body workout yoga can be, strength and flexibility.

Jeremy has been teaching an all mens class for the past year at TYF and has had great success in making yoga accessible to men

Daily Schedule

7:00am teas/coffee (optional)

7:30am Morning Class

9:00am brunch

1:00pm Snack/Juice

2:00pm - 4:30pm Activities

4:30pm Evening class

6:30pm Dinner



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