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Liz Lindh - The Art of Ceremony

The Importance of Ritual:

What is it? Why is it important? How can we enhance our life experience and our Yoga with it?


For most of us, ritual is something that has become vacant from modern life. Mindless patterns fill the habituated aspects of our daily routine; for example: getting dressed and brushing our teeth, eating and drinking, exercising or teaching yoga, communicating with loved ones, working and then transitioning from day to night as we cleanse ourselves, slip into bed and drift off to sleep just to do it all over again the next morning. The list goes on. Even the celebratory aspects of major life milestones have lost their potency, like coming of age, weddings and funerals. How would life be different if we were able to infuse meaning and magic back into our reality and transform the mundane into the miraculous?


Ritual is active participation in life rather than just watching from the sidelines or going through the motions on autopilot. It is a way to live more consciously and awaken to the beauty and wonder that is all around, it’s the personal practice of interacting with the Divine…and Divine can mean anything you want it to. Whatever your spiritual, religious or scientific perspective may be, I think we all can agree that this mysterious thing called life is quite rare, special and unique. By honoring and even worshiping Life itself, directly without a middleman, we bring more meaning and connection into our existence, which increases our quality of life, sense of Self and propensity towards contentment.


Join Dr Liz Lindh for a three hour experiential workshop designed for Yoga teachers where we will explore this topic and learn potent and practical ways to interact with the sacred moments (and from the perspective of Yoga, EVERY moment is sacred) through ritual. We will learn classical Yogic ritual techniques to bring more Shakti (cosmic creative lifeforce) into your personal practice, and also into your teaching. This course is also intended to empower you to create your own rituals to bring authentic richness, awareness and sacred ceremony into any and every aspect of Life.


Dr Liz Lindh is the director of The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, a boutique eco-conscious yoga retreat wellness center in Costa Rica where she offers 200 and 300 hour Yoga teacher trainings. Her background in traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism and wellness, as well as over 24 years studying and practicing Yoga, lend an expansive yet grounded perspective to her teachings on Yoga, meditation and Spirituality. Liz’s life work is to cultivate peace, happiness and freedom on all levels for all beings everywhere.

Individual Workshop - £45


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