6 Week Shape your Mind & Body Challenge


6 Week Shape your Mind & Body Challenge


Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice... among the benefits it has on the mind and body helping us to feel calmer... have more energy... increase strength & flexibility... tone the body and so much more... it also has the ability to change our lives and lifestyle! We  take what we learn on the mat and use it in our every day lives!

TYF are offering a limited number of people our Shape Your Mind & Body Programme for 6 weeks to see how regular practice, mindfulness, meditation and healthy eating can easily fit into your current routine and help shape your mind and body!

The programme includes...

* 3 Yoga classes of your choice a week to fit into your lifestyle

* Weekly consultations

* Meditation tools

* Nutrition guidance to benefit your yoga practice, mind & body

* Daily motivation - Learn the tools for everyday life to reset the body, mind & soul.

Worth £360 - join us on this limited 6 week programme for only £99.

This offer is open to anyone... if you're a regular at the studio it and already do 2 classes a week, with this offer you'd be getting a 3rd free plus all the extras.

All we ask from you is to share the experience and spread the word allowing us to post your journey & feedback (anonymously if you'd prefer) encouraging other to start their yoga journey and experience the benefits too.

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