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We Men Can Talk

Tues 26th Feb



'Got something you want to say? Don’t know how to say it? Want a chance to say it?


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'Got something you want to say? Don’t know how to say it? Want a chance to say it?

Turns out your not the only one; come join us, watch us, listen to us try to fumble our way through the same thing. At ‘we men can talk’ we are facing the same stresses, the same anxieties, the same issues, so why not try to share our problems. Isn’t a problem shared a problem halved?

Well what if it’s shared between a group of men across all ages and all walks of life, surely then it’s more than halved. We aren’t experts or offering solutions, and we aren’t pretending to have them, but what we are offering is an ear, a collective ear, to share and discuss - tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. Offer your own knowledge and experience, maybe learn something, maybe just have a laugh and feel part of something.

We Men Can Talk, But We Men Can Listen'

If anyone has any ideas, anything that they would like to offer, or just wants to get involved, please do contact either Ollie, Josh or Jeremy. Spread the word, we are here to help you, and help you help yourselves.

* * * If booking for more than one person, please call us on 01702 597115 Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. * * 


Investment Free


Prepare for your Stay

Wear comfortable clothing.  Please arrive at least 10 mins before the session and familiarise yourself with the surroundings and staff.