50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Functional Anatomy & Yin

20th, 21st, 22nd & 27th, 28th, 29th september 2019

A course for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of Yin Yoga and it‘s emotional,

physical, mental and energetic effect on the body & mind.


The practice 

Exploring 20 Yin Yoga poses through 5 muscle groups, their functions and variability.

Learn techniques to build a strong and grounding practice in Meditation to encouraging ‘calm abiding’ in the body

Introduction to Yin Yang Theory

Learn the value of rebounds and transitions, and the impact they can have on a practice..



Introduction to Anapanasati Meditation Technique

Meditation & Science

The 8 Levels of Consciousness 


Learn how to sequence and teach a Yin practice based on a functional anatomy/target area approach

Learn to safely encourage psychosomatic practice in yourself and for those you teach.

Learn to teach an appreciation of individuality & physical uniqueness.

Learn contraindications to Yin practices and how to modify sequences safely and thoughtfully to

the individual

the body

Learn the 6 major muscle groups of the body

Explore skeletal variation through Range of Movement testing in the lower body and

understanding functional movement over aesthetic.

Effects of Yin on tendons, ligaments and muscles & bones.

Understanding fascia and live connective tissue network.

Understand tension & compression

Learn the benefits of Yin Yoga practice – physically, mentally & emotionally.

Lower Body Muscles & The Spine





A course for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of Yin Yoga and it‘s emotional,

physical, mental and energetic effect on the body & mind.

6 months practice of Yin Yoga preferred but not essential.


£550 Early Bird before 16/08/19 

£600 from 17/08/19

(£100 deposit to secure a space)


Daily schedule

1100 - 1300 / Theory Workshop I

13.00 – 14.00 / Lunch break

14.00 – 1530 / Yin Workshop II

1530 – 1700 / Yin Workshop III

1700 – 19.00 / Practice & Meditation


On completion on the full course, participants will receive a 50hrs Continuing Professional

Development, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Certificate.



Kate’s love for yoga began as a practice to help manage a downward spiral of mental and emotional health that began in her early teens. It quickly became something that gave her confidence, stability and a rich source of self awareness helping to understand, support and detangle the chain of habits and behaviours that repetitively kept her mind, body and heart caught in a wheel of self destruction. Over 20yrs later and with more than 1000hrs of training and teaching experience, Kate has much to share. Her teaching style is skilful, intelligent, empowering and thoughtful.

As a consistent student to the practice, Kate’s passion for yoga as a life science – a living breathing practice within her is addictive and inspiring. Her dedication to somatic exploration, emotional education and mindful awakening through the physical body is immense and has taken her all over the world training with some of the most insightful teachers of both yin and yang style yoga such as Sebastian Purcelle, Jamie Clarke, Sarah Powers, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Tias Little, Holly Warren, Tabitha Dean, Norman Blair, Max Strom, Ricardo Martin, to name a few. 

Kate teaches 4 levels of 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training and 200hr Yin & Yang offering you the opportunity to explore and awaken the self through physical, energetic, emotional and mental body awareness.Yoga Training is suitable for anyone and beneficial to everyone, its not a case of becoming a ‘teacher’, it’s about learning to be with you and uncover all that you have to offer – coming closer to the self teacher within, to your practice, to your life. Should you wish to share what you experience and teach others, that’s fabulous and you’ll certainly learn how, but its not the sole intention of any yoga teacher training. If you are keen to delve deeper within your practice and uncover what makes you truly unique, this training is for you.


“Fantastic training, very educational and enjoyable. Kate teaches in a beautiful way that’s both engaging and easy to absorb. I have finished the course with a deep understanding of the philosophy ,anatomy and history of Yin Yoga. Feeling lost without my Yin weekends. Can’t wait for the next module!” Emma Epton

“Kate’s teaching is truly inspiring, and by the end of the course I felt I had all the tools I needed to begin my own journey teaching Yin. I’d recommend Kate without hesitation as her knowledge and passion shine throughout. The course was a perfect balance of study and practice, taught with love and limitless enthusiasm. Her courses would be great no matter what your level or understanding. No matter what your objective, be it to teach, or just develop a deeper understanding of the subject, Kate’s training is for you. Simplicity, patience, compassion.” Steve Berger

“When I first saw this training, I knew deep down it was something I wanted to do through enjoying my own Yin practice so much although did not at the time realise how much more Yin is/means. I loved the small Sangha size- it felt throughout the training a safe place to develop in a nurturing and nourishing way held by Kate. I can see by learning about the philosophies/ theory/ history and practice how Yin connects the body/ mind/ breath / spiritually, mentally and emotionally and how much it can benefit us in a Yang world and I am keen and passionate to pass all my understanding and learning onto others. This course has been an amazing experience for me both personally and professionally, Kate created a training that encompassed compassion, self discovery, connection, lots and lots of knowledge and FUN. Thank you” Claire Zamora