100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

With TJ Maher (YUJMU YOGA)

8 day training
Fri September 20 - Fri September 27 

A course for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of Yin Yoga and it‘s emotional, physical, mental and energetic effect on the body & mind.

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The program

The 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a self contained pathway to become adept at and able to teach Yin Yoga effectively and safely.  The program is structured to provide additional depth to experienced teachers (even those who already teach Yin Yoga) and for beginners with little to no experience with Yin Yoga. 

Submerge yourself into a Yin Yoga Training and learn to share the subtle meditative qualities of this practice. Created from a blend of the ethereal sciences of the East and the material sciences of the West, Yin Yoga is all about balance.

What WIll you Learn?

| Deepen & explore your own Yin Yoga practice | Guide a Yin Yoga class of any duration | Develop & refine Yin Yoga sequences | Set the proper tone & environment for a Yin Yoga class | Instruct private Yin Yoga sessions | Safely cue & adjust a wide array of student needs | Create a safe & supportive space for students | Respond appropriately to student questions|

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Before the Course

To achieve full accreditation and get the most out of this course, we ask all our students to read (or re-read) the Tao Te Ching and be prepared to ask questions or discuss it.  It is a minimal, poetic text which all of students have enjoyed reading, so we hope you do not see this as a chore! It will provide the philosophical root of our training, so it really is important you familiarise yourself with the text beforehand.

Stephen Mitchell does an excellent translation but you may purchase/bring any translation that you like. During the course trainees may be called on (casually) to test their comprehension of the material. Each trainee will be expected to contribute thoughts and opinions about the text during group discussions.

The YOGA FACTORY will be stocking copies of this book to purchase prior to the course start date, so pop in and get your copy!

How you will learn

We all learn best in different and unique ways! Whether you are a visual learner, a reader, prefer listening or learn by doing, through our varied program we try to accomodate as many of these styles as possible.

In particular we focus on three main areas of study - Physical Practise, Listening to Lectures and the Written Word.


The foundation of all learning is doing. We will…Practice, practice, practice


Communication is key and we constantly evolve & refine our lectures. 

Written Word

Every student will receive a printed manual meticulously designed in-house for this program. 




A course for anyone wishing to develop their understanding of Yin Yoga and it‘s emotional, physical, mental and energetic effect on the body & mind.

6 months practice of Yin Yoga preferred but not essential.

You must read the Tao Te Ching before the course start date.


£1095 Early Bird

£1295 Standard price

(£100 deposit to secure a space)


You can choose to pay the remaining balance in increments of £95, £100, £500 at checkout.
Full payment is due one month prior to course start date.



On completion on the full course you will be given a certificate of completion endorsing you by YUJMU and TJ Maher as a qualified Yin Yoga Teacher.

To graduate from the training and be certified to teach you must complete the following:

  • Read the Tao Te Ching

  • Write a 2 page essay

  • Maintain a regular journal

  • Read the manual (provided on the first day)

  • Attend all scheduled contact hours

  • Complete the Teaching Practice during the training

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TJ’s Yoga story began when he received a book, the Tao Te Ching, as a gift from his sister 18 years ago. The book poetically explores ideas that resonated with him then and continue to guide him today.

With an MFA in art and 6 years as a grade school art teacher TJ has a deep appreciation for the journey of self-exploration that is essential to learning. That paired with traveling, reading countless books, and over a decade of meditation TJ decided that the inward journey would be his focus. He began seeking out teachers to deepen his understanding and go beyond the limits he had reached on his own.

He took up residence at CAVE in Brooklyn NY, a Butoh Dance and performance space, where he began to study movement with several visiting teachers from Japan. During that time he also began practicing Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi with Sifu Shi Yan Ming, a 34th generation Shaolin Temple monk. Soon after he travelled to San Francisco to study Zen Calligraphy with Kazuaki Tanahashi, a teacher of Zen Buddhism.

When possible, TJ also attends lectures and teachings offered by HH The Dalai Lama, including the Kalachakra Mandala teachings that were offered in Washington DC in 2010.

Several years ago TJ’s journeys finally led him back to Taoism via Yin Yoga beginning with Bernie Clark’s 60 hour Yin training in Vancouver. Next he studied with Corina Benner in her 30 hour Yin training in NYC. After that he found Stephanie Calhoun and took her 100 hour Yin training in New Brunswick. TJ liked Stephanie’s teachings so much he chose to pursue his 200 hour Yoga teacher training with her. From there he continued with her 100 hour Chakra training and 100 hour Restorative Yoga training, completing his 500 hour training in 2015. In November of that year TJ completed a 30 day solitary self-guided meditation retreat at Milarepa Center in Vermont.

Most recently TJ went to Kripalu Center in Massachusetts to broaden his training and completed the first part of a Thai Yoga Massage certification with Sukha Wong.


“A Real Sense Of Community”

TJ's Yin teacher training is organized and informative while also being grounded in personal experience.  TJ offers students background on traditions that have contributed to the Yin practice while also giving students space to shape their own understanding of Yin.  TJ cultivates a real sense of community in the trainings and encourages students to support one another and grow even after graduating from the course.  Despite his experience studying under some of the most iconic teachers of the Yin practice, TJ exudes a spirit of humility, kindness, and playfulness.  TJ is a great facilitator, and his training is as accessible to newer students as it is to the most experienced yoga teachers.

— Amanda S.

“The Best Class I've Taken!”

TJ's Yin Yoga course was the best class I've taken!  Smartly structured and realistically scheduled; I never felt tired of being in class.  He made all aspects of this practice relatable.  Through analogies, diagrams, and a variety of other ways of explaining things, I left with more of an understanding and in some cases, the beginning of an understanding of certain aspects that never connected with me.  I'm looking forward to Level 2!!

— Teresa R.

“One Of The Best Decisions I've Made”

Thank you TJ for such a wonderful week. I went into the course quite apprehensively, hoping to learn how to create more balance in my own life and it is one of the best decisions I've made. You are an inspiring and engaging teacher and created such a nurturing space for us to learn, delivering your carefully considered content with such grace. It's not an exaggeration to say that the course has been truly life changing for me and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. 

— Sarah M.