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Yoga For Recovery

October 14th

12.00 - 15.30


A pioneering ' Yoga for Recovery' workshop open to everyone.


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Join Gratefulyogi for a 'flyer' into the powerful transformative spiritual tools used in yoga and 12 step recovery programs.

This workshop is open to all; Yoga teachers, therapists, those who are affected by addiction (theirs or others) or those in recovery. This workshop is to enable a compassionate understanding of the 'spiritual tools' available to treat addiction, specifically the part yoga can play.

Drawing upon her own personal experience, Lisa will share how the 12 step program can be integrated with Hatha Yoga, how yoga can be integrated into daily healing practice for the mind, body, and soul- which relates to 'one day at a time' suggested in 12 step programs.

- How raising awareness in workshops like this will break down the 'stigma' concerning mental illnesses like addiction.
- What yoga practices are useful (and what are not!)
- How to support yourself first, then others in their recovery from addiction.
- Participate in a recovery focused yoga practice including asana, pranayama, mantra,
meditation, yoga nidra.
- Gain a better understanding of 'addiction' and the umbrella of addictive behaviors.
- Explore the disease model- chronic, long-lasting conditions that can be controlled (12 step
programs don't control) but not cured.
- The idea that addictions progress. They get worse.
- How a 'yoga sangha' can be a safe space for those in recovery.
- Gain an understanding of the 200 different 12 step programs that help: alcoholics; addicts; gambling; sex and love; shopping; media etc.



Investment - £35

Low income rate - £20


- Recognise the shift that happens in a recovery, from self-harm towards self-care.
- Denial (don't even know I'm lying) how to practice patience and tolerance when you're in contact with those who relapse. Also to understand the addictive nature- dishonesty, denial, delusion, control, fantasy, frozen, depression, self-centred, negative, perfectionists, self-seeking, self-pity, big ego, low self-esteem etc.
- Similarities between the 12 steps and yoga philosophy, discipline, surrender, sangha, prayer,
meditation, self-study, karma, seva and selfless service.
- Explore the mental twists that lead to obsession, triggers, and trauma, including Niki Meyers 'The issues live in the tissues'.

More about Lisa Horwell - a certified C-IAYT yoga therapist, CNHC, Y12SR leader, BWY dip,
Rayleigh Red Tent founder, Women's Empowerment Space Holder, Gonging Goddess and owner of Grateful Retreat in Brittany, France. I am extremely passionate about yoga and recovery and feel as though it is time to share my knowledge and my own personal journey in the hope that others can perhaps gain their own self-knowledge and healing regarding these issues.

Investment: £35 (Low income rate is £20)

* * * If booking for more than one person, please call us on 01702 597115 Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. * * *


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