About The Yoga Factory

Founder of The Yoga Factory (formerly Unit Nine yoga) - Josh Siva Lipscombe,  a young yoga teacher exploring the philosophy, culture and physical practice of yoga, something Josh believes he fully started to embrace when he was 16 years old and hasn’t looked back!  Josh desperately wanted to share his love for this philosophy by spreading the word in a relaxed and sociable environment.  Since it opened in April 2015 Josh has since embarked on his travels around the world to explore more Yoga and it'sphilosophy in different countries.  The Yoga Factory is now lead by Angela Lipscombe & Natalie Claxton who would like to keep the same ethos as when it started.

 The Yoga Factory has been created for everyone: no matter level of fitness, flexibility, gender or age!

Yoga encourages us to find physical, emotional & spiritual strength

 We have a blend of traditional and modern yoga styles to appeal to individual tastes. Our classes are developed by the teacher to portray their own personality and style. If its your very first yoga class or your 100th yoga class we believe we have something for everyone on their yoga journey.

 Bring along a few friends and join us for a private group session, book in for a scheduled class or if you'd rather private individual attention in a one to one, just ask.

Our mission is to encourage an understanding of yoga that goes beyond knowing how to do a downward facing dog but doesn't insist on you completely changing your lifestyle to embrace its culture and reap the benefits. 

Spread the yoga word and we will help to build a community of healthy and happy lives.